Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sun News TV Channel

A long standing pet peeve of mine has been media bias. I fully accept that opinion journalists have every right to express their views openly & honestly but they're not the ones I have a problem with. Rather, it's those that supposedly are delivering straight news who spin the story towards their own political biases.

The severe tilt to the Left of the Canadian news media explains, to a large part, why so many Canadians lean that way politically.  After all, to use a software analogy, "Output is a direct function of Input".  Thus, if a person's input is skewed, there's very little chance their thinking (output) will ever vary beyond the boundaries of that input.

This explains why, for example, otherwise intelligent Canadians too often express the following opinions:

  • Criticizing the way the government spends our tax dollars is kind of radical and un-Canadian.
  • Thinking about improving the way our health care system operates is American-style thinking.
  • There's nothing really wrong with a government bureaucrat deciding what constitutes acceptable speech.  After all, free speech is an American concept.
  • Getting upset about boatloads of people illegally coming ashore, jumping ahead of other immigrants who wait years to get here, is a racist point of view.
Such things are said to me every month.  If I attend a social gathering, they're frequently espoused by 50% of the people or more.  I don't believe these people are mentally ill.  They've just been brainwashed, mostly by what they watch on the news every day.

A semblance of balance may be on the horizon though.  Kory Teneycke is trying to launch the Sun News Channel.  This has got the liberal (and Liberal) elite in Canada very worried.  So much so that they're working with George Soros via an organization out of New York City to try to shut down this station before it ever gets going.  Ask yourself why they're so worried!  Then ask yourself whether you think it's perfectly fine for foreigners to control what you watch on Canadian TV.

If you're so inclined, please help the new station get going by signing their petition to watch the station and by joining their Facebook page.  You can help shape the channel's future direction from the get go!

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