Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Further Thoughts on O'Donnell's Win

The Castle vs. O'Donnell race in Delaware is a prime example of what has been wrong with the Republican Party for some time now. There is absolutely no doubt that Mike Castle is a RINO, and possibly even a Democrat running for the wrong party. He consistently voted along Democrat Party lines, including voting for Cap & Trade and against the Surge in Iraq.

The argument that a right-of-center person should vote for him because he is "less worse" than the the Democrat candidate is pure nonsense. Why on earth would one vote for someone who mostly works & votes for the opposition?. This makes no sense. And all those GOP elitists - including a few at National Review - should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. ARE YOU LISTENING, DAVID FRUM?!?

To be sure, Christine O'Donnell has an uphill fight ahead of her. Delaware is a left leaning blue state. But these mid-term elections are an interesting case and I do believe it's possible for her to win. The fact that the corrupt Delaware GOP Party refuses to support her should signal just one thing to Republicans in that state: Fire the entire "leadership" there!

Interesting discussion here.

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