Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dennis Prager: Why the Right Fears Transforming America -- and the Left Seeks It

In the run-up to the November 2nd mid-term elections in America, Dennis Prager has published an interesting article, in which he has tried to explain the differences in thinking between the Left and the Right.

What he has written is factually correct but I fear that only someone with a conservative mindset will "get" what he's talking about.  I can easily see how his words would easily be misinterpreted by those on the Left, especially the Far Left. As such, I've long taken another tact when it comes to talking with liberals about how they wish to change things. In a nutshell I say this to them:

I'm very open to hearing about any other societal system you have in mind but when you're working on devising it, keep in mind that it MUST have a built-in incentive system that encourages EVERYONE to work harder and strive to be the best they can be.

History has shown us that the absence of incentives in society always - not just sometimes, but ALWAYS - results in dismal failure. Until you've come up with this better system, I'll just stick with the current one we have, thank you.

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