Friday, September 03, 2010

An Elitist vs. The People

Here's a very telling editorial by the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson.  Among other things, he said, "The American people are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats."

There are many excellent responses to his column. This was one of the very best:

Wikipedia describes a spoiled brat as characterized by excessive, self-centered, and immature behavior. Spoiled brats lack consideration for other people, have recurrent temper tantrums, and an inability to handle the delay of gratification. They demand having one's own way in every situation, or they become obstructive and manipulative.

This description pretty much nails you and all other check-the-box, I'm black, I'm entitled, affirmative action race baiters like you, Mr. Robinson.

How many associations and groups are you a member of that have the word, 'black' or 'African American' in the title. Is not the goal these clubs to demand your way with government, employers, and colleges because of your race, not your qualifications?

Have you ever considered a white kid’s hard work trying to get into the college that accepts a black kid with half his qualifications instead because the college is concerned that you and your fellow race baiters will manipulate the press?

Every column you write excessively rants on and on about the entitlements blacks deserve because of rampant discrimination 50 years ago in this country. But the only discrimination you have ever dealt with are the incidents you and your fellow race baiters perpetrate on anyone who tells you 'No.'

You have been over-indulged by the decency of your fellow Americans in their futile effort to address wrongs they never committed, and you never encounter, but that you and Jessie and Sharpton have built into a career. Because, you, Mr. Robinson, have an inability to handle delayed gratification; you always demand that blacks get first, best and every time, or someone will be the victim of your obstructiveness and manipulation.

There is no college spot or job or award that you don't think any blacks should get over any white person.

There is no scenario in your mind that maybe blacks should work harder and try again next year. No way!

The white kid is out; the black kid gets in. Period. Right now.

And if you don't get everything immediate gratification on all areas when you call the race card, you throw a tantrum and start calling people racist.

You are a race baiter, Robinson, and you pretty fit the classic description of a spoiled brat.

Mystic Mouse - 9/3/2010 10:25:30 PM

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