Friday, September 10, 2010

Speaking of Hate ... Heather Mallick Has Published Something New!

Heather Mallick's latest hate-laden screed shows what a piece of ... work she clearly is. The irony, woven throughout her venom, is enormous.  Line after line she lashes out at every Canadian who doesn't share her Radical Left views yet speaks of hate coming from everyone else. I can't find the right term to describe someone whose mental state lies somewhere between "delusional" and "severely mentally ill". Whatever it is, you'll see Mallick's mug staring at you when you find the appropriate word in the dictionary.

How rich is the hypocrisy of someone paid oodles of taxpayer dollars over the years while she worked at the CBC, now demanding that another TV network, and a private one at that, not be allowed to be broadcast?!  As I've said for some time now, scratch a Radical Leftist and you find a Totalitarian each & every time. :-(

The donkey cartoon I posted earlier really should have had Mallick's head on it. Change the wording to a Canadian context and you've identified her & her career to a "T".

What disturbs me the most though is how casually she throws out the phrase "'X' will hurt women" in regard to anything that doesn't jive with her sickening world view. Be it dumping the useless long gun registry or the introduction of alternative viewpoints than Left and Far Left on Canadian Cable TV, Mallick's false charges are just as laughable as her Democrat cousins accusing two-thirds of Americans of being Racists.

On a lighter note, I loved the way that she said that the CBC was "allegedly liberal". Allegedly? ALLEGEDLY?!?

The sooner this Divisive Hate Monger is forced out to pasture, the better .. for ALL Canadians!!!

As an interesting side note, is it not interesting that no comments were allowed to be attached to her column?  Ja Frau Mallick, vee know dat yoo do not like da public talking back, eh?!

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