Sunday, August 29, 2010

Susan Jacoby: Multiculturalism and Its Discontents

Here's a brilliant column by Susan Jacoby. It touches upon a point that Dennis Prager makes all the time, which is that for the Left the most important Principle of all is Equality. And those who believe in Equality are not allowed to judge anyone else for anything. Nada. Never.

This is precisely why you rarely, if ever, hear any official groups on the Left criticize Radical Islam or any of their barbaric practices.

What I found amusing were 3 of the first 4 comments after the article. Each author claims to be a liberal but then goes on to state that Ms. Jacoby is full of nonsense. In point of fact, if you are willing to speak out about things like female genital mutilation then you are passing judgment on Islam and are thus not following the #1 tenet of Leftism. Which, by definition, makes you not a Leftist. I wonder what percentages of people who proudly declare themselves to be liberals / progressives / on the Left are really not when push comes to shove? But they prefer to think of themselves that way because it makes them feel better.

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