Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alaska's Joe Miller: Example #892 of the Left Cracking Up

To show you how incredibly unhinged Leftists are becoming as November comes closer, read this piece.

It's about Alaskan Joe Miller's "imminent" defeat "by a wide margin".  This screed was written just the day before the Primary so the author, Alexandra Gutierrez, had access to all the latest poll data.  Yet she was psychologically unable to veer off of her predetermined narrative that Miller was going to be decimated and decided to hang his defeat on Sarah Palin and The Tea Party.

Now that she is absolutely wrong (even if Miller loses by a hair, Gutierrez is still absolutely wrong), she can't do the honourable thing and offer up a mea culpa:

P.S. Bonus points if you join Slate's Facebook group and read the comments therein about this story.  There you will find true Kool-Aid nutters who rival the very worst you've ever read on the Daily Kos.


randall g said...

I was a bit confused at first, because your link actually goes to her mea culpa.

Robert W. said...

I just re-read her Twitter feed, Randall. Where's the admission/apology of how incredibly wrong her piece was? I don't see it.