Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Left's Complete Lack of Self-Awareness

Mark Steyn's latest column in Maclean's hits strong chords with me.  In it, he eviscerates the notion that anyone in the Liberal MSM anywhere is remotely objective. Here's a sampling:

Whereas Don Newman’s network has never asked me to guest-host anything. When it comes to the CBC, my phone hasn’t stopped not ringing. So take it as read that I’m eaten up by bitterness. For one thing, it’s severely reduced my chances of being governor general.

Why can’t the CBC, or CNN or the New York Times, just say, “Hey, you know, you’re right, we have a particular world view and our content reflects that”?  Because the garb of “objectivity” is vital to the institutional left’s sense of itself. Because, if you accept the idea that your world view is merely that—a view—it implicitly acknowledges there are other views, against which yours should be tested. Far easier to pronounce your side of the table the objective truth, and any opposing line mere “bombast” and “propaganda.”

In my experience, the lack of self-awareness by folks on the Left is stunning.  I'll never forget getting in a lengthy argument on this blog with a Leftie a few years back.  It eventually came down to me asking him to admit that everyone, including him, has biases.  His response to this was unbelievable.  Paraphrasing, he said: "Some of us have the ability to transcend the debate, rise above it, and provide a completely objective viewpoint."  What a wanker!  But I shouldn't have been surprised as this same fellow said, with great conviction, that "Barack Obama is one of the ten smartest people in the world today."

Incidentally, dare to disagree with people like this and you are immediately labeled a right-wing neo-con racist hater.

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