Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Classes of Citizens

I frequently read an L.A. columnist named Amy Alkon.  Here's a particularly interesting recent post of hers.
I believe the comment I left is worth repeating here:

What I think some commenting on here fail to realize is that it's not about what's fair (for public sector employees) but what's economically feasible for those of us in the private sector who pay their wages & benefits.  News Flash: The sweetheart deals worked out for all too many public sector employees are no longer possible. 

Much like Black Americans rose up in the 1960's, sick & tired of being treated like 2nd Class citizens, soon will private sector citizens rise up as well.  The newer cause clearly isn't as righteous as the old one but the dual classes of citizenship that has arisen between the public & private sector is wrong and absolutely unjust.

Anyone interested can watch a preview of what's to come by observing the public sector employees violently protesting in Greece.  Watch them cry out at how wrong it is to stop paying them 14 months salary for 12 months of work!  Watch them cry out at how wrong it is to stop allowing them to retire at age 53 with a full pension!

Perhaps it's human nature in most people to quickly think of privileges as rights.  But in those working in the public sector, the time frame seems to have shrunk down to mere minutes.

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