Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Coming Violence in America

On April 15th there's more than a little chance that sporadic violence is going to occur all over the United States but before delving into that, let's go back to February 13th in Vancouver:

I've found most "anarchists" to be angry/confused/ignorant 20-something folks who have a propensity for violence but their pangs of conscience demand a minimal veil of justification to carry it out.  The events shown above occurred on the second day of the 2010 Olympics in downtown Vancouver.

These "anarchists" destroyed anything they deemed to be "corporate" under the justification that the Olympics was oppressing the People.  In fact, the black hooded thugs were simply out on a Joy-Walk of Violence, feeling very empowered amongst their similarly clothed fellow LOSERS.

In Vancouver, and Canada for that matter, there was an instant repulsion from The People.  And when the thugs realized that The People were strongly in support of the Olympics, they lost all of their justification to "protest" ever again during the Games.

Now let's look ahead.  There's a call going out to "anarchists" to carry out similar actions on April 15th.  Make no mistake though, this won't involve violence against property but rather against people, namely patriotic, law-abiding Americans who belong to the Tea Party Movement.  The difference in the U.S. is that a significant portion of the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media (kissing cousins, by the way) will secretly be applauding such violence by their "anarchist" comrades.  For anything that attempts to bring the Tea Party Movement into disrepute is fine with them.

Scary times ahead.

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Hershblogger said...

Do you have any estimate of the number of people who pay attention to an "anarchist" web site that complains Americans are going to lose "food stamps, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, student aid, free health care, etc." because of tea party protests?

How seriously do you take this?